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Aggressive Style Equity Strategy


This plan seeks capital gains by investing aggressively in growth stocks and by using a modest amoutn of margin if requested. This plan seeks to buy breakout stocks with strong accumulation and a potential major improvement in business prospects.

Target Returns

This plan has potential for significant returns on annual basis that could be several times that of the general market. In bull markets, it will do extremely well.

Stock Selection

Stocks that are top leaders as measure by Corona's proprietery method of screening. Here we are looking aggressively for new leaders of a bull market. We do that by checking stocks with a high relative strength rating and powerful earnings prospects. We use a disciplined approach for portfolio allocation. The goal is to move money into the strongest stocks seeking big gains.


The aggressive plan allows for shorting stocks if approved by the client. However, shorting is generally done on a limited basis, and almost always only in a bear market. All shorting is done with a protective stop buy. Corona follows closely the short side of the market noting issues that are breaking down. In prior bear markets we have done well spotting issues moving lower.


We do not worry about the holding period with the aggressive plan. Our ideal would be to get a leader in a new bull market and ride it for massive gain. That is what we strive for, but if a stock does not act well we will sell and move to a new idea. Our goal is to be in stocks moving higher when going long. In strong bull markets, we will rotate with the market at times.


Flexibility is the word. Using Corona's powerful computer screens we feel very confident of spotting key stocks that can make our aggressive investors good money. We watch the market all day and this aggressive plan takes advantage of that capability in a big way.

Portfolio Suitability

The aggressive plan should be used by investors seeking big market returns. It is often good to have part of one's money invested in conservative and growth plans. The aggressive plan is for those seeking to "power-up" their returns. The aggressive strategy is extremely good during the early stages of a new bull market.