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Conservative Style Equity Strategy


Long Term : Seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in top quality stocks of companies with a dominant or significant nitch in their industries. The key here is to seek companies with steady earnings growth and potential to do even better as economic trends favor them long-term.

Target Gains

We would expect returns of 15% or more on a compounded average annual basis through a complete bull and bear cycle.

Stock Selection

High quality names would dominate the list. They would be stocks with good earnings stability and growth. However, we would be on the look out for new emerging leaders in new growth industries.

Time Horizon

Buying and Selling would be geared for the long-term, say at least two years. However, we may take some initial short-term profits if appropriate. The idea here is to hold as long as a company' outlook for earnings and development of its business remains good. We would attempt to contain selling stocks and sit through some market corrections. However, if a bear market would be in the offing, we would consider hedging the portfolio in a conservative way.


Low turnover is the goal and a consideration of one's portfolio for tax purposes is also taken into account. The idea is to "sit" with the best stocks as long as they are working. We are willing to be patient and not chase. Companies that show consistent growth of say even 15% for several years can often double, triple or make significant gains.

Portfolio Suitability

Excellent for investors concerned about taxes and seeking to hold for long-term. Also, good for IRA accounts.