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Growth Style Equity Strategy

Growth Stocks

Goal: Seeks capital gains by investing in growth stocks of various types without the use of much margin.

Target Gains

Expected Return: 20% to 25% or plus a year is possible based on complete bull and bear cycle.

Dynamic Growth

Stock Selection: Firms with unique growth potential earnings due to a major positive development in their industry or product line. Some past winning examples would be Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), Home Dept Inc. (HD) and UnitedHealth Group Inc. (UNH). These firms showed steady earnings growth as they came out with new products, or expanded operations.

Time Horizon

Timing: We generally take partial profits in the early stages of a stock's move. However, our goal is to hold an issue through a major part of its up cycle. Of course that will depend on the nature of its business growth and stock market conditions. On average we can expect to hold a stock from six months to two years.


We want to hold only long positions of the strongest stocks when the stock market is in an up trend, or a bull market. We will go more to cash, when the market looks toppy. However, individual stock action will be the primary considerating. During a bear market phase, we most likely will be more in cash since protective stops will take us out of stocks and we most likely will not find good growth stocks to buy. Remember, one can make good money in the stock market during a bull phase, but keeping it during a bear phase is just as important.

Portfolio Suitability

Growth investing is powerful method, especially during bull markets. Substantial appreciation can take place. This method is good for individual, institutional or IRA accounts.